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Woodman doing dry work at an unknown location.

Cody Woodman is a pitcher for the University of Calgary Baseball Club. Woodman is the oldest player on the roster and previously played for Kwantlen.

Woodman is known for the rigorous amount of surgical tubing exercises he does. He doesn't take as long as Riley Schaff does to get ready to throw, but it is still more of a delay than usual.

Woodman has to take the train to get to practice, so he is often late. This often leads to complications.

Woodman is often made fun of by Justin Reid for being so old that if he runs to fast he will turn to dust, sources could not follow up that statement though. Woodman is excited about getting to get mentorship under player coach Sean "Papa" Roach and "can't wait to soak up all the useful information Roach will give me. He is a real teacher of the game" said Woodman.