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McIntyre pitching.

David "D-Mess" McIntyre is a pitcher for the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball Club.

McIntyre is currently in rehab from re-constructive elbow surgery, known as Tommy John, but should be back next season.

McIntyre is often found stumbling around the Den or rez with a D-Mess look on his face. Sources close to McIntyre confirm that when he is drinking a surplus of alcholic beverages he is diagnosed with a certain condition known as DMS (D-Messy Syndrome) which is very much comparable to Down Syndrome. The idea of him pre-drinking and going to the Den with a bucket on was once fathomed. It is unclear whether this idea ever came to fruition.

One time he had to run for a whole practice because he came late. Pitching coach Troy Cate was quite angry with him. Also D-Mess was asked to join the infielders in reps of sprints due to his tardyness by head coach AJ Fystro, where the famous phrase "Wipe that fuckin smirk off your face!" came into play.

David has been known to grow some dangerous mutton chops, and with head coach AJ Fystro being aware of D-Messy's facial hair, it is rumoured that this where the Clean Shave rule was implemented. Mess is also known for his notorious blue shorts that he wears to morning workouts. The shorts are such a hit as the team only wears black shorts, Mess will be the first and most likely the last to ever wear the famous "Blue Shorts". Hey Mess would you ever wear a New York Yankees hat in a St. Louis Cardinals locker room?

D-Mess is also for his notorious DMS on thursdens and optioning Friday's morning workouts. It is said that D-Mess missed a friday morning workout and recieved a stern e-mail from coach Fystro about not missing again. D-Messy proceeded to get dusted the next thursday and miss practice again Friday morning. D-Messy proceeded not to notify coach and fly under the radar the Saturday morning workout. The Key D-Messy said, "Put your glove over your face" quoted from an unknown source.