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Fruson brothers. Kyle pictured above on the right.

Kyle Fruson is a first basemen for the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball Club.

Fruson is also a pitcher, but taking his bat out of the lineup would dramatically decrease the power of the Dinos offense. He throws from the overhand slot under the guidance of pitching coach Troy Cate, but is known to throw dirty pitches from the submarine slot.

Fruson is famous for bringing Marc "Renzie" Lorenzo to stardom. Lorenzo, forever a minion of Fruson is now a star among the team. In fact it was originally Fruson that came up with the nickname Renzie. A famous incident occured during the bus ride back from Okotoks. It lead to a dispute between Fruson and Lorenzo. But they eventually bounced back, and their bond became even stronger.

Fruson is also an aspiring rapper and producer. Along with Mark "Philly Fresh" Phillips and Marc "Renzie" Lorenzo, Fruson has worked on two major songs that have yet to be released to the public. A certain track has spawned expressions including, "Bouds what the fuck?!" as well as "Bouds, you steal my bike?!" Russel Bampton of rez has also received notoriety after being mentioned in the song.