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Teammate Fraser Armstrong commented on this picture: "one of the only pitches that didn't hit you this year"

Lee Fruson is an outfielder/infielder/pitcher for the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball Club.

Lee's versatility is mainly attributed for his natural athleticism and rocket of an arm. Most recently he displayed this when he slid to block a ball from bouncing into the corner of the right field fence and launching a rocket to the second basemen, preventing what would otherwise have been a triple.

Lee is also the unofficial captain of the team. Coach AJ Fystro often uses Lee as the standard. It can be said that if Roach is the Papa that lectures the children, than Lee is the hypothetical "Mama" that does all the hard work without saying a word. Speaking of Mama's, it has been noted by an anonymous source that Lee is currently married. It is unknown whethere this allegation is true.

Lee is also known for taking hits for the team. He has probably taken beanballs from at least half the pitching staff of the Dinos in live batting. It has been calculated that if Lee were to play the 162 game season of the bigs, his hit by pitch numbers would be in triple digits.

Lee is a huge niche and stuff.