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Phillips batting.

Mark Phillips (also known as Philly Fresh) is an outfielder for the University of Calgary DInos Baseball Club.

Phillips is known for his work ethic on the field, in the gym and in the classroom.

He is known to mash bombs and screaming liners during batting practice. In fact, in a live bullpen session he once almost killed McLean Cruthers with a comebacker.

Phillips has been known to bench press 2 plates a side and pumps mad weight on his preacher curls. He could probably beat anybody on the team in an arm wrestle.

In his spare time Phillips (under the pseudonym of Philly Fresh) likes to rap. He has been compared Drake. He has rapped in tracks with teammates Kyle Fruson and Marc "Renzie" Lorenzo.

Phillips was noted after mashing in the first two games of the 2011 conference season, Pitching Coach Troy Cate wanted Phillips to hit in the four hole, the pressure succummed to Phillips as he Sombrero'd in the third game of conference play. but hey, its ok, hes goin get nother one!