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Gregg about to throw a ball.

Ryan "Randy" Gregg (and sometimes Dust) is an infielder for the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball Club. He is known for being the son of former NHL player Randy Gregg. Gregg is almost always seen sporting a vintage Canucks duffel bag..

Gregg also participates in the MLG. He is known to play NHL '11 and Call of Duty: Black Ops. It has been noted that Gregg's stomping grounds on the University of Calgary Dinos Baseball Club is at the very back of the bus where he hustles any challenging teammates. Infielder/Closer Fraser Armstrong and Pitcher Chad Leskiw are only a few noted players that have succumbed to Ryan Gregg's excelling degree in Economics. Ryan Gregg is the only player allowed to deal during this manipulated version of Chinese Poker giving Gregg the "Edge".

Gregg is also famous for the ever growing "RANDY" chant that sources confirm started at this years superbowl party. Another note about this party: Chad Leskiw took home top drunk.

There have been numerous "RANDY" chants as of late, the most recent case occuring with a room full of University students with Gregg on speakerphone. Update: Even more recent is the now-infamous bus chant. As Gregg was called to the front of the bus the "RANDY" chant started slowly but steadily until the whole bus erupted into a frenzy. A second, but less emfatic chant was made as he made his way back.